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I looked high and low for the most perfect addition to our family. We couldn’t have been more impressed by the facility, the friendliness or the knowledge. Terry and Whitney have been so amazing to work with and we are so happy to have our sweet Effie Mae be apart of our family!! She’s a true snuggle bug and couch potato 💕 Thanks Morning Glory Doodles!!!
— Kenzie Hammock

Before deciding on Morning Glory Doodles I did months of research and it’s truly the best place to get a doodle. From the first e-mail Whitney was kind and very responsive. They care about the dogs and puppies and raise them in a wonderful facility. We love our puppy so much, she has the best qualities of each the poodle and golden retriever. She is sweet, smart and extremely cute! I was very selective in what I was specifically looking for and our pup is both picture perfect and has a great temperament to match.
— Ashley Elgin Frisbee

I researched many breeders for about a year, and kept coming back to MorningGlory Doodles! I had many questions about the look, temperament and attributes I was looking for in a puppy. Terry and Whitney were very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to make sure any questions or concerns I had were answered. They made sure to update me as time went along waiting for Honey to have her litter. You can tell that they care immensely for their dogs and want to make sure each family gets the perfect companion they are looking for. I highly recommend them if you are interested in gaining a new member to your family!
— Chasity Canon

We could not have been more pleased with the Morning Glory Doodles from beginning to end. They worked hard to help us pick a puppy that was perfect for our family, and that is exactly what we got! Beau is an extremely intelligent and absolutely handsome Golden Doodle. Our groomer has even commented that his coat is the best Doodle coat she’s ever worked with. But most importantly he is great with people (including kids!) and other dogs, he’s the best snuggler and has friends everywhere he goes. We love our Beau so much and we think he is an absolute perfect addition to our family. We couldn’t imagine a life without him!
— Kendal Smither

Holy cow! What an amazing (almost) two months it has been since we picked Jax up at Morning Glory Doodles and took him on a nearly 9 hour drive home to Little Rock! I knew right when I walked in and saw him that he was the one for us! We (mostly me) were a little nervous to be getting a puppy with one of us a high school teacher and coach, and the other a night nurse, but it has been nothing short of perfect! The first night we were home we put him in is crate and he has never barked or cried since, and potty training only took 3 days with the bells!

Jax wakes up and wants his belly rubbed and then its off to the races! He will play all day if you let him! He has been great with dogs of all sizes and breeds, especially at daycare! He has a very easy-going, lovable temperament that everyone he meets absolutely adores! He doesn’t shed or chew on furniture, but he does LOVE laying on the air vents and going for car rides! He has brought so much joy and happiness to our little family! I recommend Morning Glory Doodles to anyone looking for a puppy and tell everyone we meet that this is where we got our “Little Man!”
— Hannah Sokora
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We absolutely love our golden doodle, Thomas. Morning Glory Doodles was wonderful - we were able to go early and pick out Thomas, and they were so patient to answer our questions, provide vaccines and excellent recommendations for those first weeks with a puppy. We were also able to meet his parents which was really reassuring. Thomas does not shed, he is very well behaved with a relaxed personality, and we could not be happier with our addition to our family.
I have a few friends who will add a dog to their families soon, and I have already recommended Morning Glory Doodles.
— Georgia Ferrell

We purchased Rusty from Morning Glory Doodles last summer. We were very fortunate to have found a wonderful breeder so close to our home. David was great to work with and helped us pick the perfect puppy for our home and our two year old daughter. Rusty has a very good temperament and is very intelligent. He was easy to train also. Rusty enjoys outdoor playtime, chasing the chickens around the backyard, and car rides. He has brought lots of joy to our home.
— Rachel Davis

“Fern has been a gift and I am so happy to have the opportunity to share. The past few years have held a good bit of trial and transition for our family. In 2014 we were living in New Zealand when my father was diagnosed with a terminal form of brain cancer. For the next nine months we lived in a small town in South Carolina near my parents. My husband was commuting to Delaware and I was homeschooling our kids. When we finally got settled in Nashville I didn’t think I was ready for puppy, but we were all longing for something to make us feel grounded in our new home.

One weekend when we were at a soccer game, I noticed an exceptionally calm goldendoodle puppy on the sidelines. Despite the craziness all around, she maintained a notable restraint - allowing children to pet and pull her while others were running around. With four young kids, I don’t have much margin for additional chaos in my life. I knew that she had a demeanor that would work in our home. I got contact information for Morning Glory and knew that I would be in touch when the time was right.

In September we learned that Honey was expecting and we decided to put down a deposit. As we waited, I anticipated all of the trouble associated with new puppy. But when Fern arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly she fell into line with our crew. She was (and continues to be) an easy dog to train. She has a delightful personality - very playful and affectionate, but also quite willing to be on her own. She is great with our four kids - adjusting quickly to their varied levels of rowdiness.

It is no surprise that several of Honey’s pups have gone on to be therapy dogs. Fern is a loving and calm presence in our home. I recommend Morning Glory Doodles to everyone that asks about our pup. They were a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions about our expereience -”
— Liz Goodgame

We got our sweet Wrigley from Poppy’s litter this past fall. Even though we have only had her for a few months, it is already hard to imagine life without her! She has such a gentle, loving personality and is always the center of attention everywhere we go. Whenever anyone asks us where we got her, we are always so happy to tell them about Morning Glory Doodles! We had such a great experience with both Terry and David. They were always there to answer all of our questions throughout the puppy-buying process and have consistently checked up on Wrigley since we took her home. They also helped us get in touch with the other puppies from Wrigley’s litter so we can keep up with her brothers and sisters as they grow too! I can’t say enough good things about Morning Glory Doodles and would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you for making our little family complete!
— Lindsey & Matt Warren

As soon as we set our eyes on our Lola Belle we fell in love. Lola Belle is from Poppy’s litter 8/18/16. She has brought so much joy to our family. Everywhere she goes people are in awe and give rave reviews. She has a beautiful thick wavy coat. She is very intelligent and has quickly learned a lot of commands. She was so easy to potty and crate train as well. She is very loving and has a great temperament. We highly recommend Morning Glory Doodles to anyone that asks about our pup. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and take great pride in their doodles. Thank you Morning Glory Doodles!!!
— Nick & LeAnn Reason

We purchased our dog Roxie from Morning Glory Doodles almost 4 years ago. After falling completely in love with her and her sweet disposition, when it was time to add another dog to our family, we did not hesitate to contact Morning Glory Doodles. We welcomed one of Sugar’s boys, Romeo, into our family last December. Romeo is smart like Roxie and a real lover boy. Although Roxie and Romeo are not related, they are both so intuitive, sweet, lovable, and easy to train. They are both so big, beautiful, gentle and obedient, that we are constantly stopped on our daily walks to field questions about their breed and breeder.
David and Terry are incredibly knowledgeable about these dogs and are both a joy to work with. If my husband would let me, I would get at least three more! And of course, I would go straight to Morning Glory Doodles!
— Shanna Freitag

We picked up Maggie in Fall of 2016, and since then she has added so much excitement to our home. She is great with our nieces and nephews and loves to play with them. Everywhere we take her we have people ask about her and compliment us on how cute she is (and she does not mind the attention and extra petting at all!) I was very impressed with the time and attention we received when we went to pick her up from Morning Glory Doodles and we recommend them to anyone who asks and will get our next puppy from them as well. Maggie is healthy, does not sheds, has not given anyone with allergies any problems, great with other dogs, and is easy to train.
— Christina Dowlen

Rosie is a light in my life! She has the sweetest disposition—she is affectionate, yet independent. When walking in town people smile when they see her—a testimony to her positive impact on those she encounters! In addition, she spends two days a week at a high school visiting with students and they adore her. She is a quick learner, eager to please and my best friend! I couldn’t ask for a better first dog!
— Heidi

One of Honey’s puppies, “Roxie” that has gone on to be a therapy dog”:
... “In addition to helping patients with the physical side of therapy, the dogs help with the psychological side as well. Their presence has proven to reduce patients’ blood pressure, as well as their anxiety and even their pain.
They also motivate patients to want to get up and come down to physical therapy in the first place.
“Some of our patients who have dementia or other issues, the dogs can help calm them down so they don’t have rely so much on medication,” Briggs said.
— Herald Citizen Newspaper

I got my Golden Doodle, Abby from David. She is such a lovely dog, and has always loved people. She is also very intelligent and learns quickly. From the time they are born, these puppies know nothing but loving kindness. It is a joy to see David and his family with them. David is so easy to deal with, and I would recommend him and his puppies to anyone that wants a good companion. That’s what Abby is, my companion.
— June Canter

We bought our Freya from Morning Glory Doodles last summer. She has been a great addition to our family! After having such a great experience with the breeders, and so pleased with our puppy, we made the 8 hour trip again from Georgia, to get a puppy for our friend! The puppies are all so social and well taken care of, and Freya has grown up to be a very playful, obedient, loving companion. We have three children in the house, and Freya hangs out with all of them like she is a small child. We are planning on purchasing another puppy from Morning Glory Doodles in the near future, to add to our family.
— Andy and Jana Austin

We bought our Charles from you last summer, we love him to pieces and we receive tons of compliments on how handsome he is. He is currently 72 lbs Beautiful coat - so soft - very very little shedding People constantly ask us who the breeder is. I will pass on your website !
— Michele Pedretti