What Types of Doodle Coats Are There?

As I always say, with Doodles everything is always on a spectrum so they don’t always land perfectly on one of these types, instead they sometimes are in-between these categories. But regardless, when talking about Doodles these are the three different types of coats that a Doodle can have.




This coat type is most common in F1B Doodles, however you do get one every now and then that comes from a litter of F1’s. This coat type will require the most maintenance out of the three and should be brushed daily to prevent matting. Because their coat is so curly they will not shed at all, however if you plan on going on a lot of outdoor adventures with your pup just know you will spend a good bit of time picking out prickers and sticks from their coat.




Most Doodles you see will fall into this category. They have a wavy coat which requires less maintenance than a curly coat. Weekly brushing should be enough to prevent matting. Even some F1B’s will end up with this wavy coat although usually they will be F1’s. Shedding will be very little to none with this coat type which makes them great indoor dogs as well as outdoor dogs.




There is a reason they call this type of coat a wire coat… because that’s exactly what it feels like. You will notice that I had to pull pictures from the internet for these examples (unlike the previous pictures which are all Morning Glory Doodle pups) because we don’t produce this coat type. It isn’t that it is harmful for the dog or anything, it just isn’t quite a pleasant snuggling and petting experience. You will not have to worry about brushing out matts at all since they will shed much like a lab or golden retriever. This can actually be a good coat type if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities with your dog such as hunting.

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